How to get a promotion - the best tips to get you that top promotion

how to get promotion
Getting a promotion is not as easy as it used to be.

These days, as well as ticking all the boxes in other areas, you have to make it known that your career plan includes moving upwards in the company. You don't have to shout about it day in day out, just let the appropriate people know that promotion is one of your career goals for the near future.
Below, we outline other aspects that should be considered if you are interested in promotion in your company. If you follow these guidelines there should be no reason why that up and coming promotion should not be yours.

Set realistic goals

If you've got your eye on a certain job higher up in the company, do not apply or even consider applying unless you are certain that you are fully qualified for it. Make sure that you know which skills and qualifications are required to do the job and set about gaining any that you don't have in a realistic period of time. Don't rush, as promotion will come when the time is right.

Also be aware that you cannot go from a junior job to an executive job within a year. Plan your steps and set a realistic time frame to fulfil your goals.

Express your desire

If promotion is your goal, let your boss and those higher up in the company know of your desire. Remind them about your achievements and how your actions and work have benefited the company. More often than not, these people will become aware of any vacancies within the company before anyone else and they can alert you in time. They will also be able to help you achieve your goal. In today's business world, if you don't say, you don't get (as long as you are the right person for the job).

Work hard

It should go without saying that working hard is a prerequisite to getting promoted. Carry out your work to the best of your ability and always make 100% effort. Take on extra responsibilities without being asked and volunteer for any extra work. Do not let people take advantage though otherwise they will expect you to take on extra work all the time.

Be professional

Attitude is important, that is, the right attitude. Don't get a name for being a moaner. Rather than complain about things, try to find a solution for any problems that may arise. Keep a positive disposition at all times, even when under pressure.

Punctuality is a great quality, so don't be seen to arrive late or leave early.

As well as behaving in a professional manner, it is important to dress for the part as well. Look smart at all times and people will take you more seriously.

Do not waste your company's time by surfing the Internet or sending emails to your friends. Wasting time or slacking off from work is a definite no-no.

Be a team player

Part of being a manager is the ability to work with, manage and motivate other people. If you are seen as a team player, with leadership skills and as someone who works well with others and treats them fairly, you will more than likely be considered for a job with a greater number of responsibilities.

Help newcomers to the company settle in and show them how to do anything that they don't understand.

Treat everyone as you expect to be treated yourself - be respectful at all times.

You can never stop learning

A good way to secure a promotion is to learn new skills and qualifications. In today's world, technology is constantly changing and improving. If you are still using old computer packages, for example, you may be passed over for that new job. Keep up to date with changing technology as well as news, current affairs and new trends in your career field.

Attend evening classes or take courses and exams online, then ensure that your superiors know about your new qualifications.

Learning a second or third language is extremely important these days, particularly since many companies are expanding into other countries and working more closely with international clients.

Apply for the right job

Sometimes the right move is not always the most obvious one. These days a range of skills is important in all jobs and will put you in a better position for any kind of career move. If a position is not available directly above yours then maybe the best move is not a vertical one but a lateral one.

Your path to a higher position may not necessarily be a straight upward move. Consider all of your options and take the best path, one that you will enjoy doing in the process.

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